How To Add A French Twist To Interior Design?

    How To Add A French Twist To Interior Design?

    Interior design, and exterior design for that matter, always takes inspiration from styles found right across the world. Sometimes it is a nod to the design ideas of the past that are perhaps missing in modern architecture. Sometimes it is a celebration of the heritage of the area or community. Other times an internationally-inspired décor is a reminder of travel and fond memories.

    This all goes a long way to explaining why many people like interior design with a French twist. Some like the classic looks of Parisian themes and want to emulate them. Some may celebrate local heritage by enhancing the appearance within a once French community. Others may want to recreate the look of a hotel or retreat from a family vacation.

    What Do We Mean By “French Style” When Adding This French Twist To The Interior Design?

    It is important to note here that there isn’t one single French style. There is a broad range of ideas and themes that spread across the different regions of the country. The final look of a French-inspired interior design will depend on what area of France inspired it. Some people immediately think of the grand rooms of a Parisian townhouse or hotel.

    There are an old fashioned charm and sense of luxury that evokes glamor and old movies. Others will think of the rustic French countryside home of the rural region. This is an area primarily responsible for the shabby-chic trend. Designers and homeowners can choose between the two, with either a few subtle notes or bold expression. Alternatively, talented designers may find a way to blend the two across the home.

    There are lots of different ways that designers and homeowners can create something beautiful and French, no matter their budget. It is all about understanding the essential elements of the room, or rooms in questions. This could be the new color palette, the materials used or a statement piece of furniture to add a wow factor. Some with a small budget will have to rely on simple, intelligent solutions. Those with money to burn can have a lot of fun with all the diverse elements that go into these French-inspired designs. 

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    Adding A French Twist To A Kitchen

    The kitchen is perhaps the best place to start when considering some of the best French-inspired elements for a new home. After all, the French cuisine is infamous as one of the best, and all homeowners need the ideal kitchen space to emulate all of those recipes. This is a space where budding chefs need to feel at home, with enough storage and space, but also somewhere homely for the whole family. This means a design more in line with the big kitchens of the rustic French countryside home than the kitchen of the finest Parisian restaurants.

    The French country kitchen brings in different colors and elements to other traditional, rural themes.

    There are many pictures of the French-style kitchen in modern homes that take a different direction than some would expect. They can seem quite dark with lots of grays and dark wood in the floors. There are still white areas of surface and shelving, but it isn’t the bright open-plan space of a modern home.

    There is still a cozier feel to this area that lends itself to family meals and larger gathering. This is due to the materials and other accessories and details within the room. It is up to homeowners where they go with the details and further design elements once the basics are in place. This is where it can shift further towards the rustic country kitchen or instead to a more contemporary look.

    Adding A French Twist To The Bathroom

    The bathroom is somewhere that some homeowners may overlook, to begin with when adding a French twist to their interior. However, there is no doubt that this room can have just as much of an impact with the right approach. A French-themed bathroom is a place where homeowners can take things a little easier. This isn’t somewhere compact and sterile for a quick morning shower.  A luxurious bathroom is a place to spend a bit more time getting ready in the morning and relax after a long day. 

    The main design idea comes with the use of the separate bath and shower in the master bathroom. Not all homeowners will be keen to include this because of the plumbing and the complexity of the design over a standard shower cubicle. However, this separation offers the best of both worlds. There is the modern shower for a quick morning routine and the free-standing bathtub for a long soak in the evening.

    This tub, with the other materials, window shutters and other elements of décor can add a sense of style and old-fashioned tranquility to the room. There is also a different use of materials here than in the kitchen. Some like to add a marble floor here to add to that sense of luxury. This is offset by beautiful wooden shutters or even rich fabrics over the windows.

    Don’t Forget About The Dressing Area

    A dressing area, boudoir, is something typically French that many women want to bring into the home. The location of the dressing area will depend on the floor plan and space within the home. This is a chance for bold, feminine areas where users can work on their hair and make-up in peace. A large dresser with three large mirrors is a must. There has to be space for the best view and all the items that owners need.

    Adding A French Twist To A Bedroom!

    French Bedroom Idea

    This idea of a bright, extravagant dressing area leads us to the bedroom. Homeowners can either chose to have their dressing area with separate walk in closet space between the bathroom and bedroom, or as a corner in the room. The most expensive elements of the French style are plain here.

    That country cottage chic of rural France may be perfect for the kitchen, but many prefer the more high-end Parisian look in the bedroom. It all depends on personal taste, and there is no reason why the two can’t come together in some manner with an eclectic twist.

    Choosing The Right Fabrics And Colors

    Fabrics are of the best places to start when considering the look and feel in the bedroom. There are a lot of choices that work their way up and down that scale from the luxury townhouse to cozy cottage. Many will feel that faux fur and velvet are the only way to go here. If you are going to have a stylish French bedroom, you may as well go all the way. Then there are those that prefer something a little lighter with more natural fabrics. The beauty of the French-inspired bedroom is that it is possible to layer up fabrics with many throws and textures. Designers can bring in the best of both worlds with a subtle sense of balance.

    Then there are the colors of these fabrics and other decorative elements within the room. The fabrics may be bold statement pieces regarding their feelings and use around the bed, but many French-inspired bedrooms work best with softer colors. Bright pink accessories and bold accent walls won’t work here. Many turn to muted tones in linen, gray and dusky pinks instead to provide that sense of calm and luxury within the room. This is a place that homeowners need to be able to relax in after all.

    The exception to the rule here comes in the use of floral patterns on soft furnishing and other accessories.

    Minimalist floral prints can adorn the soft furnishings to bring a feminine touch to the room, without becoming overbearing. These prints can continue through the throws, cushions, upholstery and the Roman blinds on the windows. These screens are preferable to drapes with their cleaner look. Of course, it also helps to bring in some actual flowers too to freshen up the room and add textures. Many designers prefer to opt for artificial ones because of their durability. There are many fake roses and another flower that look pretty realistic these days.

    The best French-inspired bedrooms will also make the most of the accessories to finish the room off. An excellent example of this is the vintage photo frame. These silver frames sit nicely around those large mirrored dressing areas, or on that distressed bedside cabinet. Family photos are the ideal choice here, although it looks even better when printed out in black and white for that old-fashioned feel.

    Finding The Best Furniture For The Room!


    Then there is all the vintage furniture within this bedroom with a French twist. Vintage pieces add some style and age to a room and are easy to use in a French theme. French bedrooms often have more of an eclectic look to the furniture. This means that the pieces don’t have to match, they just have to look good together. Different periods and looks can come together with color and furnishings.

    Designers can, therefore, bring in one-off pieces that may fit the theme, and they can’t go wrong with a chaise lounge in a bedroom. Homeowners that don’t want to go for vintage pieces – perhaps because of a lower budget – can take current furniture sets and distress them. These sanding and paint effects work with that shabby-chic look of rustic French interior design.

    Ways To Tie All Of These Eclectic Rooms Together

    The different rooms all have their distinctive look to create that perfect French feel to the interior design. The bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen can all look very different regarding style and color. However, there are some little touches that users can incorporate into a scheme to tie all of the rooms together.

    The first place to start is with the lighting. The best French-themed designs tend to go straight for the dramatic chandelier. This brings that sense of grandeur into the living room and bedroom without dominating the room too much. This works well with transparent and crystal effects that make the most of the light without drawing the eye from the room too much.

    This idea of light continues with the use of mirrored lighting and mirrors in the home. Those three mirrors in the dressing area do more than providing the ideal reflection for hair and make-up. They also help to bounce the light around the room and open up space. Some designers like to use mirrors in French interior ideas to create more space and light. Mirrored light fixtures take this to a new level.

    Glass and mirrored surfaces are not the only materials that designers can use to get the best out of a room and tie everything together. Copper often makes an appearance in these French designs. We can see this in the kitchenware hanging from the racks in the rustic kitchen, that free-standing bathtub that is the centerpiece in the bathroom or other elements of metalwork and artwork. Others prefer to use a more rustic ironwork in the bedroom to work with those muted tones and vintage elements.


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    There Is More Than One Way To Create A French Twist To An Interior

    In short, there are many different ways to bring a sense of France to an interior. The final look depends on three key factors: the budget, the scope of the design and the area of France that it emulates. The finer details of the plan will depend on the preferences of the homeowner or the flourishes and trademarks of the designer. This occurs in elements such as soft furnishings and accurate colors.

    Still, there are plenty of key features within the materials, themes, and effects that immediately transform a home into a French-style masterpiece. The beauty of the eclectic nature of the French twist of interior design is that users can pick and mix ideas. They can use this to adapt and create something that is as obviously French-inspired as it is unique and personal.

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