10 Things The French Always Do When Decorating

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    10 Best Features Of French Style Furniture

    The French style has been vastly glorified for its fusion of vintage, classic and contemporary styles in interior décor. Its style which is significantly known for its elegance and portrayed by luxury has become the new décor style that most interior designers go for to create that sense of a remarkable interior decorating style. You might have seen these designs on a movie scene and probably had no idea that it was a French interior style.

    One thing that you most certainly would be certain of would be the urge to have your very own living room made in that design with those decorating styles. Well it might seem complicated a design to apply, but what if it was not? There are things the French do to make their decorating styles as unique and as stylish as they are, the following are ten of such which you can apply to make your living room or whichever place a site of elegance and style saw in a movie scene.


    1. Embrace The Antiques

    Old furniture does not necessarily have to be worthless furniture according to the French interior styles. This decorating style has been designed for the appreciation of the aging and aged furniture. Take, for instance: a picture frame made obscure by oxidation fog or a coffee table with deep scratch marks on the side. You have to admit that the visualization of these types of furniture brings a sense of history and character into the room. They can tell a nonexistent story. A cracked or bare brick wall, a wooden floor all in the French interior style are decorating styles.

    2. Utilize The Art

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    A painting on the wall is a classic French interior style impossible to miss in any form of French décor. The whole idea of this decorating style is to exhibit whatever architectural assets your room possesses. You do not need a high-ceilinged room with intricate moldings on the corners, instead get a stylishly curved picture frame on your wall, and it is all good and elegant.

    3. Use A Subtle Palette

    The French interior styles are characterized by the subdued palette mostly gray or a dull color that lets the rest of the antique furniture in the room to excel. This gives the French decorating style a distinct original hue that gives a sense of adventure and character to the room.

    4. A Touch Of Gold

    Glamor is a basic component of elegance, and nothing says glamor more than a touch of gold. Any French interior design has to have a gilded object at a glance be it a mirror frame or just the corner edges of a statement armchair.

    5. Relaxation Centerpieces

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    Relaxation brings forth a sense of class, and that is why the French interior style always incorporates an objective piece of furniture that serves this purpose. It is no myth that the French know how to relax and a bath or a sofa bed do well in portraying this decorating style.

    6. Go Fabric

    Decorating a room the French interior style would entail a lot of fabric, specially decorated of course mostly, with flowing patterns or sometimes plain with an elegant color take Vermilion for instance. The design entails crinkly sheets and long linen spread on beds, couches dining table, and even drapes.

    7. A Crystal Touch

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    Again a sense of glamor portrayed by a crystal is quite hard to miss in the French interior design. In most room designs, a crystal chandelier over the dining room or an antique crystal ball in the center of the dining table would suffice in bringing the sparkle a room requires the crystal touch.

    8. Add-In Cubism

    Cubism is a depiction of art characterized by natural forms such as plants or birds quite popular in the twentieth century. The addition of this to the French interior design puts in a raw sophistication to the whole design to bring out the elegance.

    9. Fusing In Modernism To Vintage

    The French interior design is well known for its blending of different styles to make the ultimate one. This entails the introduction of modern furniture to an already existing vintage layout to form an even more spectacular interior decorating style.

    10. A Touch Of Life

    A bouquet of flowers or an exotic plant in a pot is a perfect finish for a French interior design. A simple pot or vase with the touch of life in it makes the room design look fancy and classy.

    The French interior style is known for its sophistication and elegance but breaking it down to these ten elements makes it look quite achievable even for an ordinary homeowner.

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