How To Create Value From Fruit To Vegan Leather

    Do you believe that you can buy expensive furniture made from apple leather? Yes, you get it right, specific components of the historic apple fruit can make excellent upholstery for home furniture. It is unbelievable that some beautiful products that we see in different places come from recycled material.

    For example, the innovative furniture brands by two different French designers are inspirational. They show that waste material from apples can be useful and an eco-friendly alternative. It is possible to create value from unwanted material through the art of creativity. The new furniture brands by these designers are unique and have premium prices compared to other conventional types of furniture. 

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    The Story of The Apple

    Philippe Starck, a French designer, draws inspiration from apple fruit. There are also several inspirational stories of this fruit. For instance, in the biblical story of Eve and Adam, the apple fruit represented knowledge. Many people uphold the story, and they use it as a source of spiritual guidance even today.

    In the same vein, the apple prominently features in the development of the theory of gravity by Newton. The falling apple fruit motivated Isaac Newton to come up with the concept of gravity, and today it remains a popular scientific theory. The symbol of the apple fruit features on all Apple Inc’s electric devices. The brand is a force to reckon with in the mobile communication technology sector.

    In different scenarios, the apple symbolizes progress. As such, Philippe Starck believes that the iconic fruit represents the future of vegan leather. He believes that the fruit will continue to guide him as he designs stylish furniture from its components.

    The New Apple Furniture

    bio based vegan leather


    Philippe Starck recently announced his 16-piece collection of furniture that he designed for Cassina Company using Apple Ten Lork. Ten Lork is apple or bio-based leather that is produced by Frumat, an Italian company. Waste material from the apples such as cores and skins is used in the production of the alternative to regular leather. This should please the eco-friendly customer.

    Stark uses apple leather to upholster different types of furniture like armchairs and sofas. The leather comes in different colors like orange, black as well as white. The furniture designs from apple leather are stylish, and you can never believe that they come from waste material.  

    Starck’s collection is currently on exhibition at Cassina's Paris showroom. It runs under different thems Adam and Eve, Sir Isaac Newton, the gravity theorist and Belgian painter René Magritte. The painter is known for his paintings related to the apple like “The Son of The Man.”

    The French designer believes that apples can provide answers to some of the issues that can otherwise transform our lives. Eve, William Tell and Sir Isaac Newton believed in the power of the apple, and today their ideas continue to influence our lives. Stark finds that the Cassina sofa made from apple will go a long way in creating a new Vegan path.


    French Furniture Brand Hervet

    The Hervert Manufacturier collection, a French furniture brand also offers high-quality furniture from different materials and is now available in the US. The retro-futuristic collection mainly focuses on beautiful furniture made of wood. The manufacturers use innovation and creativity in the design of various products.

    Nicolas Hervet and Cédric Hervet are cousins who established Hervet Manufacturier in 2014. The outfit offers woodwork furniture that also comes with a soundtrack. The French brand consists of two creative entities incorporating sound and state-of-the-art products.

    As an innovative brand, Hervet Manufacturier’s history dates back to the 1960s in France. The ancestors of the two cousins’ were woodworkers in Normandy, France where the brand is based. Hervet Manufacturier’s collection of a variety of products is available at their shop at 8 Rue Volney in Paris.

    Beginning early January 2019, the brand is also now available in the US market. On 9 July 2019, the company will be exhibiting its collection at JF Chen in Los Angeles. The items in the US market are an extension of the French-based store. It is also a modern construction by architect Jean Prouvé.  

    Nicholas and Cédric are not only innovative but have also collaborated with other creative artists including Daft Punk. Punk owns Daft Arts, a creative studio. For years, Cédric worked as the creative director for Daft Punk, and he contributed to their albums. 

    Cédric’s contribution to Daft Punk include the following albums: Human After All and Random Access Memories together with a short animation film called Logorama. The short film got an Academy Award in 2009. Hervet Manufacturier also designed a Formica-covered skateboard with beechwood in 2015, and it cost $280. Its theme was around Daft Punk's Da Funk, and it exhibited great artistry.

    The collaboration of Daft Punk and Hervet Manufacturier significantly adds fair to the brand. The inclusion of the Japanese side stitch in the brand’s materials also makes it appeal to the interests of people from other backgrounds.

    Pricing Of Designer Brands

    Hervet Manufacturier offers stylish and innovative brands with premium prices. A spaceship inspired lamp stand, Astrolux and Spootnik, a satellite audio installation cost $2,460 and $23,760 respectively. Other items in stock include the following: Esprit $12,510, Passager $15,200, Actarus $12,670 as well as Astrolux light $2,460.

    The prices of most products offered by Hervet are higher than other similar conventional products due to their quality. What is interesting is that Hervet Manufacturier's furniture does not include excellent and expensive material. The manufacturers use different types of woods and other materials like glass, leather, and metals. 

    The primary factors underlying the high cost of the products offered by Hervet Manufacturer pertain to innovation and creativity. The products are unique in those other traditional offerings within the same category cannot match them. The products are of high quality even though they come from waste material.

    Similarly, Philippe Starck's Cassina Company also offers high quality and pricey furniture that is made from apple leather. These two companies owned by French designers thrive on innovation and creativity, and they offer unique products. Many designer products provided by these two companies have no match in the market the reason why they are expensive.    

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