Find Out How 2022 Will Change Our Interior Design Choices!

    2022 interior design

    Although 2021 looked more like 2020 than we expected, that has not stopped us from continuing to look into our homes for creative inspiration. We are hoping for more jet-setting in 2022, and we will continue to appreciate our homes as sanctuaries. This year, we are excited to see the houses evolve to make your Work From Home (WFH) area more flexible or create the ultimate entertaining place for future parties.

    “Clients will up their game by 2022--they have been improving their nests, the ways they entertain at their home over the last two years, and we will see the demand to create more compelling designs and finishes,” states Jeffry Weisman, Fisher Weisman. Everyone has come to love their homes and will continue to do so.

    We asked 18 interior design experts about their predictions for the top design trends in 2022. They shared plenty of design inspiration with us. Happy decorating!

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    Modern French Decorating Style

    Modern French Decorating Style

    Something is fascinating about French decor. While Scandinavian influence is presently very popular, French designing is nearby and on its way back. There's no avoiding the quiet confidence French decor has as they blend classic and modern styles with perfect simplicity. There is no antique stuffing; rather, a velvet, light colors, with charming quirky and bold bits, that look chic and artsy make their rooms pop.

    Pure White With Texture

    The trend of white interior style continues to make a large impact in French decor, regardless of what other colors are added to space. The French have buildings steeped with strong architectural features. Where once richly and ornately decorating, white paint enables motifs and textures to peek through.

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    Renovating Your Family Home with Retirement Years In Mind


    We all desire the creature comforts of a well-designed, cozy home. While there is a lot of do-it-yourselfer's out there who work tirelessly in their houses and seem to be upgrading or renovating continuously this isn't possible for those who don't understand the difference between a drill and a table saw. Of course, the latter mentioned group of individuals could hire someone to update their houses for them, including messy and expensive renovations.

    Anybody who has done a significant renovation can testify to the unexpected expenses and huge mess it creates. How can we upgrade our houses while bypassing major renovations? We want upgrades that all people can do, not only those handy do-it-yourselfers. Here 10 updates you can do yourself or with a helper.

    Let's look at ten creative ways to upgrade your home without ripping down walls or going overbudget.

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    Interior Design Tips For Beginners

    Interior Design

    Define Interior Design Profession?

    Interior design is a profession that focuses on design and space planning, producing aesthetically pleasing and cohesive designs for companies and house interiors. Professional designers need to be concentrated on schooling and formal training.

    When getting started with your own designs, there are a couple of interior design basics to bear in mind:

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    Did You Know Art Deco Came From France?

     Art Deco


    Know-How It All Began...

    It began in Paris in the 1920s.

    Some of the most collection of furniture today was crafted by the first Art Deco interior designers, who were inspired by the 18th and 19th-century cabinet makers of Paris.

    These elegant items of fine craftsmanship were first noticed at the 1925 Paris "Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes" by which Art Deco got its name.

    These makers included popular names as Paul Follot, Jacques Emile Ruhlmann, and the Sue et Mare partnership.

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    Renovating Your Residence With French Style

    french interior 2

    "Trend" Is Now a dirty word -- Nearly synonymous with stuff that’s so of-this-minute that we'll blink and it’ll already be outdated.

    However, does it have to be this way? In our view, no!

    Whether you are a new homeowner, on the search, or a current homeowner, most of us want our space to feel like us. Nothing compares to the feeling of relief that comes from feeling like you’re home. But how can you create this feeling?

    How do the French people create it? It's not only the decor that does it. There aren't that many fancy throw pillows in the world to create that level of elegance.

    As much as people might like bohemian and French, and industrial and mid-century, and even coastal, but most people usually cannot manage to replace the material that goes out of fashion continuously. After all, most people have a limited budget. Not everyone wants to rent interior pieces to avoid spending money on items that are not a return on my investment!

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    Incorporating French Style into Your Décor

    Effortless elegance is so very French. Whether the French people are dressing up themselves or decorating their houses, the French have an innate ability to make an intoxicating mix of finesse and flamboyance without difficulty.

    French interior design styles deftly combine the old with the new, remain true to established décor principles and add a strong dose of the homeowner's style into space.  French design is bold, classy, and chic. But it is also quirky and personal. No two French houses you see will look or feel similar. A bold design idea is vital to pulling off such an original flair.

    french inspired sitting room

    At first glance, it might appear there are no rules when it comes to using French interior design ideas. That is true. There are several dos and don'ts. For instance:

    • Do use pure, natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and cheesecloth.
    • Do not go overboard with ruffles, tassels, fringes, frills, and floral materials.
    • Do leave a wall nude if you're able to.
    • Do not enclose that gorgeous Louis XV chair with a lot of the same. Make it stand out by pairing it with something entirely contrasting, such as a contemporary or minimalist piece of furniture.
    • Do be bold and unique. Set baroque curves with sharp, contemporary lines.
    • Do not shy away from adding one striking factor like an extravagantly painted object dart, a large-scale work of art on a wall or an oversized item of furniture to up the wow factor.
    • Do look upwards. Bear in mind the ceiling and intend to make it even more exciting — the French move beyond only flat white paint on the roof.
    • Do not hold yourself back when decorating the bedroom. A French interior design room goes for a classy escape that's a joy to retire to at the end of a stressful day.
    • Do insert something gilded or glistening to the décor.
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    How To Create Value From Fruit To Vegan Leather

    Do you believe that you can buy expensive furniture made from apple leather? Yes, you get it right, specific components of the historic apple fruit can make excellent upholstery for home furniture. It is unbelievable that some beautiful products that we see in different places come from recycled material.

    For example, the innovative furniture brands by two different French designers are inspirational. They show that waste material from apples can be useful and an eco-friendly alternative. It is possible to create value from unwanted material through the art of creativity. The new furniture brands by these designers are unique and have premium prices compared to other conventional types of furniture. 

    France paris

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    Tips For Renovating And Designing An Older Home

    Are you thinking of restoring your old home to its original status? Special care is essential when dealing with old structures. Some homes symbolize family heritage since they housed many generations at some point. When an old home becomes part of the family history, there is a reason to preserve it.

    Other people may decide to demolish the old house if they become new owners through the acquisition of the property. However, older homes are not only symbolic of family history but other historical issues like early urban development. Modern dwellings significantly differ from old structures, but such buildings are also attractive in their style.  

    There are various advantages of renovating your old home before it becomes an eyesore in the community. Depending on the condition of the old home it can be less expensive to renovate than to buy land and build brand new. Old buildings can also pose safety threats to the occupants that can lead to injuries or even loss of life. As such, refurbishing and updating to new building codes makes it attractive as well as improving your safety.

    Before undertaking the initiative to renovate your old house, there are specific tips and rules that you should know.  This guide gives you the necessary information about different things you should consider to carry out the renovation project successfully.

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    Interior Design for the Eco-Conscious Client

    For a long time, the primary focus of the interior design was to enhance the aesthetic feel of the house/office. In fact, many critics of traditional interior design have often cited its wastefulness, excessive energy consumption and huge carbon print. Additionally, traditional interior design tends to ignore or overlook the effects it has on the natural environment as well as the mental and physical health of homeowners.

    In response to this criticism, the practice of interior design has undergone several evolutions and paradigm shifts. Ultimately, the contemporary interior design now focuses on more than just aesthetics. It also factors in need to promote good health, clean green energy like solar-generated power (see Solar Generator Guide), sustainable material, and create a habitable environment. This new approach towards interior design is known as eco-friendly interior design or environmentally sustainable design. 

    This eco-conscious type of design aims at designing interiors that are safe, healthy, reduce carbon footprint, and at the same time beautiful. Additionally, more consumers have an increased sense of concern and responsibility for the environment. This means that the demand for "renewable or green energy" and "sustainable" interior design products and services are on the rise. People want goods and services that benefit their health, safety, and welfare as well as that of the world.



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    Holiday Guide to French Style Interior Design

    French Interior DesignPeople often attach great importance to their houses and the quality of their personal spaces. In most cases, the design and general feel of a house reflect the personality of the owner. French interior design provides people with an opportunity to make the insides of the houses and personal spaces more appealing aesthetically.

    In addition to that, through interior design enables people to utilize their spaces more efficiently and with less wastage. Most importantly, the interior design allows people to mold their houses by their tastes and preferences; this is bound to make them happier and more content with their lives.


    Christmas is just around the corner, and this means that sooner or later, homeowners will start decorating their homes in preparation for the festive season. Even when it comes to Christmas decorations, the French still have a unique and elegant way of doing it. While no one does French better than the French themselves, there are a few things which homeowners can do to mirror the French traditions perfectly.

    1. Neutral Colors

    When it comes to French interior design, neutral colors never go wrong. During Christmas, experts recommend going with neutral chippy woods, linen fabrics, white and fresh greens. It is important not to overdo these hues and to keep them soft. Old linens are particularly ideal for French style decorations during the festive season.

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    What Type of Air Conditioner Should I Buy for My Pre-War City Home?

    Air Conditioners

    They say that if a home buyer is looking for a house with personality and character, then an older home is the ideal choice. However, despite the lure of personality and character, older houses and especially pre-war city homes often have their fair share of problems and challenges.

    Possibly one of the biggest challenges with living in a pre-war city home is finding an efficient and safe heating/cooling system. Nonetheless, this does not mean that modern air conditioning systems are out of the question. As a matter of fact, owners of older homes have the liberty of choosing from various air conditioning options.

    Below, two of the available air conditioner options for older homes are explored; because there are many differences between condenser and evaporative air conditioners (read this article on, but this article will deal with the two most popular choices facing older homeowners: central air conditioning vs. portable (room) air conditioners. Most importantly, their pros and cons are highlighted in detail to make it easier for homeowners to make a more informed decision on which system is best for their needs.

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