Interior Design for the Eco-Conscious Client

    For a long time, the primary focus of the interior design was to enhance the aesthetic feel of the house/office. In fact, many critics of traditional interior design have often cited its wastefulness, excessive energy consumption and huge carbon print. Additionally, traditional interior design tends to ignore or overlook the effects it has on the natural environment as well as the mental and physical health of homeowners.

    In response to this criticism, the practice of interior design has undergone several evolutions and paradigm shifts. Ultimately, the contemporary interior design now focuses on more than just aesthetics. It also factors in need to promote good health, clean green energy like solar-generated power (see Solar Generator Guide), sustainable material, and create a habitable environment. This new approach towards interior design is known as eco-friendly interior design or environmentally sustainable design. 

    This eco-conscious type of design aims at designing interiors that are safe, healthy, reduce carbon footprint, and at the same time beautiful. Additionally, more consumers have an increased sense of concern and responsibility for the environment. This means that the demand for "renewable or green energy" and "sustainable" interior design products and services are on the rise. People want goods and services that benefit their health, safety, and welfare as well as that of the world.



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    Holiday Guide to French Style Interior Design

    French Interior DesignPeople often attach great importance to their houses and the quality of their personal spaces. In most cases, the design and general feel of a house reflect the personality of the owner. French interior design provides people with an opportunity to make the insides of the houses and personal spaces more appealing aesthetically.

    In addition to that, through interior design enables people to utilize their spaces more efficiently and with less wastage. Most importantly, the interior design allows people to mold their houses by their tastes and preferences; this is bound to make them happier and more content with their lives.


    Christmas is just around the corner, and this means that sooner or later, homeowners will start decorating their homes in preparation for the festive season. Even when it comes to Christmas decorations, the French still have a unique and elegant way of doing it. While no one does French better than the French themselves, there are a few things which homeowners can do to mirror the French traditions perfectly.

    1. Neutral Colors

    When it comes to French interior design, neutral colors never go wrong. During Christmas, experts recommend going with neutral chippy woods, linen fabrics, white and fresh greens. It is important not to overdo these hues and to keep them soft. Old linens are particularly ideal for French style decorations during the festive season.

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    What Type of Air Conditioner Should I Buy for My Pre-War City Home?

    Air Conditioners

    They say that if a home buyer is looking for a house with personality and character, then an older home is the ideal choice. However, despite the lure of personality and character, older houses and especially pre-war city homes often have their fair share of problems and challenges.

    Possibly one of the biggest challenges with living in a pre-war city home is finding an efficient and safe heating/cooling system. Nonetheless, this does not mean that modern air conditioning systems are out of the question. As a matter of fact, owners of older homes have the liberty of choosing from various air conditioning options.

    Below, two of the available air conditioner options for older homes are explored; because there are many differences between condenser and evaporative air conditioners (read this article on, but this article will deal with the two most popular choices facing older homeowners: central air conditioning vs. portable (room) air conditioners. Most importantly, their pros and cons are highlighted in detail to make it easier for homeowners to make a more informed decision on which system is best for their needs.

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    How To Add A French Twist To Interior Design?

    Interior design, and exterior design for that matter, always takes inspiration from styles found right across the world. Sometimes it is a nod to the design ideas of the past that are perhaps missing in modern architecture. Sometimes it is a celebration of the heritage of the area or community. Other times an internationally-inspired décor is a reminder of travel and fond memories.

    This all goes a long way to explaining why many people like interior design with a French twist. Some like the classic looks of Parisian themes and want to emulate them. Some may celebrate local heritage by enhancing the appearance within a once French community. Others may want to recreate the look of a hotel or retreat from a family vacation.

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    10 Things The French Always Do When Decorating

    French Style Orange

    10 Best Features Of French Style Furniture

    The French style has been vastly glorified for its fusion of vintage, classic and contemporary styles in interior décor. Its style which is significantly known for its elegance and portrayed by luxury has become the new décor style that most interior designers go for to create that sense of a remarkable interior decorating style. You might have seen these designs on a movie scene and probably had no idea that it was a French interior style.

    One thing that you most certainly would be certain of would be the urge to have your very own living room made in that design with those decorating styles. Well it might seem complicated a design to apply, but what if it was not? There are things the French do to make their decorating styles as unique and as stylish as they are, the following are ten of such which you can apply to make your living room or whichever place a site of elegance and style saw in a movie scene.

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    When To Repair Or Replace Your Appliances

    Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

    Living In An Older Homes And Cleaning Them Using Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

    Older homes just as the name implies consist of domestic habitats built during a time when they were considered the most efficient living structures. Well, due to the inevitability of time elapsing, upcoming developments and necessary advancements made to improve the quality of life these structures are now termed as old in light of the new. One cannot however just up and leave home because of a label, which explains why there are people still living in the so-called old homes.

    Old homes are known for their stylish vintage architecture among other things such is their strong structure especially having withstood the test of time. The test of dirt and dust, however, is an ever recurring test that no matter the age of your home it is still a bother to everyone. You may live in an old home, but you sure would need the new and advanced technology of a robotic vacuum cleaner to clean it up. There, however, might be some structures in an old home that may prove to be a bit of a challenge as well as others that were meant for by this piece of creative machinery.

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    7 Salient Features Of The French Interior Designs

    French Interior Design1

    French Interior Design

    French just might be one word for style sophistication and elegance all simply put together. The French high sense of style is no unapparent fact, ranging from classy fashion attires to their sophisticatedly named Chow. Many have wondered, however, how the French style makes things look so fancy but in a seemingly effortless touch. It is like the French were sent to this world to grace it with their unique style and sophistication which many have found irresistible and have slowly fallen in love with.

    The French sense of style has swung its flair into the interior designs department, and just as someone would say if it has the word design in it then there has to be something French about it. Well, the French interior design has proven its dominance yet again in the line of interior designs. The French interior design has brought in a raw sense of sophistication and style partially through its fusion of modern interior design to glamor and tradition which also brings a sense of class and elegance to a room. The rising popularity of the Parisian chic in interior design is quite evident on movie sets and the internet these days.

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    You May Consider These French Furniture Styles

    It is most popular in 17th centuary

    Best French Furniture 

    French furniture styles are made up of the most sophisticated pieces that were primarily made for aristocrats, kings as well as the upper bourgeoisie. On the other side, there was the French provisional furniture which is made in provincial cities and towns. This furniture comes in a broad range of sizes and styles.

     The variations in these styles often arise as a result of the periods in which they were made as well as the individual designers. French furniture styles can then be categorized according to when they were made as there is a tendency that the characteristics of furniture from a particular period are similar.

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    Features Of The Furniture Made Using The French Style

    French Style Furniture

    French Furniture Style

    The style is something that has been in existence since time immemorial. The style is what defines something. It is the primary essence that determines how people will tend to approach something regarding how they may see it. Hence, we will discuss furniture in the following article. As always, furnishing has been a major necessity in a house. That is why we always need furniture. Furthermore, present ability and beauty are the main aims of furnishing a home. You obviously would not want to host a group of people as your guests and make a fool out of yourself. At such times, you must always be focused on making an excellent impression.

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    Improving Your Older Home's Value

    older home

    Living In An Older Home

    Older homes have more character and don't look just like every other house in the neighborhood. At some point, though, you may think about making the rooms bigger, bringing in more light, or doing a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project. On the other hand, remodeling older homes bring up its set of issues. Here are some things to consider before you begin:

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    Choosing The Best Mattress For Your Preferred Bedroom Needs

    Best Mattress In French Furniture Style

    Best Mattress In French Furniture Style

    It is nighttime or in the morning depending on your work shift and after long hours of hard work. Nothing could be more relaxing as well as essential as a good rest. A good rest which mostly entails sleep. There are hindrances, however, that affect the total achievement of this goal and in four cases out of five, the mattress is to blame. The mattress is after all the centerpiece of any bedroom, and so when purchasing one, there are certain factors to consider.

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    Stylish French Vintage Furniture

    French Furniture styles in a Room

    French Furniture Style

    Stylish French Vintage Furniture written by JOHN EDWIN Vintage is the new style for anything that trends ranging from vintage clothing to vintage vehicles as well as furniture. This need for style has extended to our living rooms, and no one wants to be left out from boasting of having the most classic vintage set of furniture when the friends and family come to visit. One thing about vintage furniture is that it creates a sense of distinct adventure to a room, telling a story of its own.The French furniture style, for instance, has a separate vintage feel to it making it quite popular for modern interior décor.

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